The European Footwear Industry

A handicrafted and yet a contemporary industry...

...full of creativity and design...

...a key part of the fashion industry...

...a key part of the fashion industry...

...constantly adapting to new trends and demographics through advanced techonologies...

...concerned about safety...

...durability and high standards...

...ensuring consumer’s health and comfort...

...respecting the environment...

...delighting consumers with innovative business approaches...

...and always looking ahead and towards differentiation.

Completed projects

Attracting New Skilled Workforce for Quality Jobs in the European Footwear Sector

Programme: Social Dialogue (VS/2017/0006)

Duration: February 2017 - January 2019         



Objective: To address the recruitment of young workers and define mid-term strategies for attracting, training and hiring them, providing them with the necessary opportunities to obtain quality jobs within the footwear industry.


Fit2Comfort - Skills Alliance for comfort & healthy footwear manufacturing - new qualification programme and innovative training opportunities

Programme: Erasmus + (562333-EPP-1-2015-1- PT-EPPKA2-SSA)

Duration: November 2015 - October 2018 


Objective: To create, pilot, and certify a new qualification profile and corresponding ICT and work-based training to address the identified skills and competences gap in comfort and healthy footwear.


Learn2Work - Production Schools model to attract learners into footwear careers  


Programme: Erasmus + (2015 - 1- PT01 -KA02 -013084)

Duration: October 2015 - April 2018


Objective: To promote youth employment in the footwear sector through the development of a curriculum adapted from the Danish "Production School" model, which is based on learning by practice. 


Shoes Made in EU - The European Shoemaker

Programme: Erasmus + (2015 - 1- PLO1-KA202-016442)

Duration: October 2015 - September 2017


Objective: To strengthen Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the footwear sector through the development of a new curriculum for shoemakers, focusing on the engineering and manufacturing process.


HES: High-End Shoe - Innovative training for luxury footwear manufacturing  


Programme: Erasmus+ (2014-1-PT01-KA202-000952)

Duration: October 2014 - October 2017


Objective: To maintain and strengthen the high-end and luxury footwear production across EU, promoting new generations of highly-skilled manufacturers thanks to the creation, development and pilot of an innovative and flexible ICT based training in footwear manufacturing.


CO2Shoe - Enhance eco-design: The footwear sector carbon footprint

Programme: Life + (LIFE12 ENV/ES/000243)

Duration: October 2013- September 2017


Objective: To reduce the environmental impact derived from footwear manufacturing in terms of climate change. To develop and facilitate the use of a carbon footprint tool   specific to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions produced in the manufacturing of each pair of shoes. 


Step 2 Sustainability - How to implement Sustainable Manufacturing in Footwear - new occupational profile and training opportunities

Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo Da Vinci (2013-3213/001-001)

Duration: October 2013 - March 2016


Objective: To create, design, develop and pilot a new occupation and qualification profile and correspondent training course, coping with the shortage of VET skills in the field of sustainable manufacturing.  



Developing Social Dialogue in the European Footwear Sector


Programme: Industial Relations and Social Dialogue

Duration: December 2013 - April 2015

Objective: To identify the current state-of-the-art of the footwear industry and national social dialogues systems and practices, in order to develop the best possible conditions for the renewal and adaptation of the footwear sectoral social dialogue at European level.




A European networking and roadmapping project

Programme: Seventh Framework Programme

Duration: June 2011 – May 2013

Objective: To bring together 5 European Technology Platforms (Textile & Clothing, sporting goods, footwear, wood & paper-based industries, machinery) from the consumer goods sectors with an objective of developing a joint research roadmap for these industries and related EU research, innovation & education policy recommendations.

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CEC MADE SHOE: Custom, Environment and Comfort made shoe

Programme: Sixth Framework Programme

Duration: From 2004 to 2006



Objective: To move the footwear sector from a product/process centred approach to a human-centred approach represented by 3 dimensions of human being: Comfort, Environment, Custom.

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