5 February 2021 — Press Releases

5th International Footwear Forum: Global Footwear Industry at a Crossroads in 2021

5th International Footwear ForumGlobal Footwear Industry at a Crossroads in 2021

The European Footwear Confederation (CEC) organised the fifth edition of the International Footwear Forum (IFF) on February 2, 2021. Held virtually, the IFF brought together 25 associations from 24 countries across the globe to discuss current common challenges for the footwear industry. Potential pathways toward the industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis were of course front and centre at this year’s Forum. As CEC President Luis Onofre put it in his opening speech, “we are here today in search of inspiration: how can we best help our industry survive and progress in this new reality?”. Two high-level speakers presented their views on the best strategies to restore growth and set forth key elements expected to shape the recovery. Denis Redonnet, Deputy Director-General and Chief Trade Enforcement Officer at DG Trade in the European Commission, insisted on the role of open and
rules-based trade to underpin the economic recovery. Achim Berg, Senior Partner & Global Leader of McKinsey’s Apparel, Fashion, and Luxury group, highlighted the longlasting changes brought about by the crisis and how disruptions in the supply chain and consumer behaviour have changed the playbook to succeed for good.

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