Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Among CEC’s priorities are also IPR enforcement and fighting against counterfeiting. Global markets bring challenges and threats to intellectual property right for the European footwear industry threats to intellectual property rights.

In October 2018, CEC joined the ‘Together Against Counterfeiting Alliance’. The Alliance was launched in early 2017 by LVMH and the European Brands Association. Its objective is to push for legislation against counterfeiting at EU level. To this day, the Alliance gathers 90 companies from all the industrial sectors and has the support of around 20 associations.

The CEC also took note of the main findings of the 2016 OECD/ EUIPO report on Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods attesting that:

  • out of the 10 most affected counterfeit countries, 8 are Europeans
  • the estimated value of counterfeit products is 2.5% of world trade (up to EUR 338 billion)
  • In the European Union, these counterfeit products amount up to 5% of all EU imports, worth up to EUR 85 billion.

The need for IPR protection and enforcement is crucial for the footwear industry in order to preserve the European quality and tradition in the footwear manufacturing, and to promote sustainability and free and fair trade.