9 February 2024 — Press Releases, Projects

Shoe 5.0: Anticipating training needs in the footwear industry

One year after the Erasmus+ Shoe 5.0 project was launched, the consortium is ready to start developing the training content for what will be some of the profiles essential for the footwear manufacturing companies willing to benefit from Industry 5.0 and the principle of new technologies at the service of people. In a recent meeting in São João da Madeira, partners from Belgium (CEC), Italy (Politecnico Calzaturiero), Portugal (ByAR, CTCP and Edit Value Capital Humano), Romania (TUIASI) and Spain (CTCR) validated the four profiles selected which will soon count with the necessary training contents.

As previously mentioned, the objective of this project aims to equip the European footwear sector with the skills needed to meet the challenge of transitioning to a sustainable, people-centred and resilient industry, going beyond efficiency and productivity targets. Thanks to the training contents to be developed on Industry 5.0 (i5.0), workers, managers and directors of SMEs will gain the relevant knowledge to understand and use new technologies, processes and systems to optimise the performance of their businesses.

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The Shoe 5.0 project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.