Lifelong Learning Programme

Step 2 Sustainability

Step 2 Sustainability Lifelong Learning Programme



Lifelong duration programme (539823-llp-1-2014-1-PT-LEONARDO– LMP)

Project duration:

January 2014 – July 2016

Total budget:

531.550€ (75% funded by the EC)


CTPC – Centro Tecnologico de Calcado de Portugal

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  • Address: Rua de Fundões – Devesa Velha, 3700-121 S. João da Madeira, Portugal


How to implement Sustainable Manufacturing in Footwear – a new occupational profile and training opportunities

The Step to Sustainability project aimed at creating, designing, developing and piloting a new occupation and qualification profile and the correspondent training course on sustainable manufacturing in footwear in order to cope with the current shortage of Vocational and Educational Training skills in this field. An assessment about footwear companies ‘needs and knowledge on sustainable manufacturing was done before designing the new profile and elaborating the respective curriculum. A greener footwear production will bring important benefits to the European Footwear Industry ‘competitiveness while enhancing job opportunities

Achieved results

The envisaged project results/products are the following:

  • Research on training needs based on evidences
  • New qualification profile based in a new research combined with already existing studies on sustainable manufacturing
  • Training Programme to fit the new qualification profile, according to the presuppositions of ECVET for credits transfers (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training)
  • Learning units based on qualifications targeted to the new profile an other people in companies, with association to assessment procedures, transferability, validation and accumulation of learning outcomes achieved in formal, informal and non-formal contexts – integrating ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) and quality assurance principles EQAVET
  • E-learning course 
  • Results piloting reports
  • Quality Assurance Plan and Evaluating Reports
  • Dissemination plan
  • Exploitation plan