16 May 2018 — Position Papers

Joint Declaration Supporting Free and Fair Trade in the Footwear Sector

On the occasion of the 3rd edition of the International Footwear Forum, WE, the undersigned footwear national associations and industry chambers of five continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America) hereby express our support to cooperating on the facilitation of free and fair trade in the footwear sector.

The last years have shown a significant increase of protectionist regimes across the world which are hurting the global supply chains of our consumer products. Such measures dramatically slow down the competitiveness and growth of our respective footwear companies, by reducing consumption, employment and investment, while damaging their confidence in the economy.

We therefore shared the commitment to work together for free and fair trade, fighting unfair practices such as counterfeiting and dumping, by sharing information and transmitting to our respective governments that, WE, the worldwide footwear industry does not agree with tariff and/or non-tariff barriers, but instead support and demand an open and fair global market for our products on a level playing field.

As footwear industry, we remain committed to doing the utmost to support policy makers in achieving this goal.

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