27 November 2019 — News

CEC and 148 other industry associations unite to call for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

Industry4Europe, a coalition of 149 sector Associations representing the diversity of the EU’s industrial base – among which the footwear industry –  today published its new Joint Paper A long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future: from words to action’. Through cross-sectoral recommendations, the Industry4Europe coalition contributes to the future EU industrial strategy announced by European Commission President-Elect Ursula von der Leyen.

The Joint Paper presents concrete industrial policy proposals in seven priority fields:

  • Business-friendly policy environment;
  • Sustainability at business core;
  • Upgraded skills and training;
  • Enhanced research and innovation;
  • Investment and improved access to finance;
  • Reinforcement of the European Single Market;
  • Strengthened trade and international market access.

CEC and the 148 other industry organisations behind Industry4Europe stand united in their repeated calls for an ambitious and long-term EU industrial strategy that must help Europe remain a hub for a leading, smart, innovative and sustainable industry, that provides quality jobs and benefits all Europeans and future generations.

We encourage you to read the full Joint Paper by clicking here!