27 July 2021 — News

EU family companies are more motivated than ever to build a sustainable business! The 4th Interreg Europe “Success Road” newsletter is out!

The world is certainly not the same as when the Interreg Europe Success Road project was launched in August 2018. From February 2020, family businesses are facing new challenges connected to the pandemic crisis that required a rapid adaptation of their business strategies. Fortunately, signs of economic recovery are slowly starting to show. In spite of the common perception that family businesses are naturally resilient and of the expectation of them being the engine of the global economic recovery from COVID-19, it is also beyond doubt that their continuity has also been tested. In the current context, family companies find themselves more motivated than ever to build a sustainable business.

This newsletter editions starts with a brief presentation of the policy guidelines developed by the Spanish project partners, it will go through the main takeaways from the workshop dedicated to Greek stakeholders, and it will provide a concise overview of the Greek family business environment as well as of the related policy instrument. Finally, this edition will offer prospects on the steps ahead of family businesses after COVID-19.

Read the newsletter here.