13 July 2023 — News, Projects


The project has three main objectives, firstly to provide knowledge to workers so that they can interconnect the implementation of new technologies, bring maximum performance to their companies, and thus take a further step towards sustainability and efficiency, improving human experiences at work. Then, partners of European footwear sector wish to embrace the challenge of transition to a sustainable, human centric and resilient industry, transcending efficiency and productivity objectives, allying benefits for industry, workers and society. Finally, it aims to develop a personalised, multi-level digital training plan that meets the specific needs of workers.

The activities started with the elaboration of a report with the major findings from a desk and field research related to i5.0 applied in Footwear. This part focused on the training needs and definition of the future profiles required in the industry. During the past months, partners from Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain worked to identify the profiles and skills required to respond to an efficient implementation of industry 5.0 in the footwear secotr. The results will be validated by experts and collected on a report that will facilitat the transition of companies and VET providers towards the implementation of Industry 5.0.

In this edition of the project’s newsletter, Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI) will give us an overview of the concept of Industry 5.0 and how it applies to the footwear industry. Then, the Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre (CTCP) will present you the first phase and results of the project.

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The Shoe 5.0 project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.