High-End-Shoe Erasmus+



Erasmus+ (2014-1-PT01-KA202-000952)

Project duration:

October 2014—October 2017

Total European Commission grant:



CTPC – Centro Tecnologico de Calcado de Portugal

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  • Address: Rua de Fundões – Devesa Velha, 3700-121 S. João da Madeira, Portugal

Innovative Training for Luxury Footwear Manufacturing

The project aimed at strengthening the high-end footwear production across Europe, promoting the entrepreneurship of new talent designers and the development of a new generation of high-skilled manufacturers, oriented to high-end products. In consultation with companies leading such category of products, the partners will assess and identify the knowledge, skills and capacities, which will be the basis for the creation and development of an innovative vocational training targeted to VET students, new talented designers, footwear workers and technicians, and new entrepreneurs in the field of footwear.

Achieved Results