15 March 2024 — News, Projects

SHOE 5.0: Targeting the Training Needs of the Future European Footwear Industry

Having defined the key profiles needed and the essential learning units for upskilling and reskilling of workers industry, the project partners are now focused on developing the scanning tool that will help assessing the workers’ training needs related to Industry 5.0, a tool of great value for the footwear industry!

As previously mentioned, the Erasmus+ Shoe 5.0 project’s main objective is to prepare footwear companies to embrace the challenge of the transition into a sustainable, human-centric and resilient industry, making use of the latest technologies and addressing the implementation of Industry 5.0.

During a meeting on 8th and 9th of January in Porto, partners from Portugal, CTCP and ByAR, presented the first version of the scanning tool to the rest of the consortium. The prototype was very well received and partners are currently working on making the scanning tool available as soon as possible. 

Throughout this edition of the project’s newsletter, you will discover the results of the collaborative partners’ workshops held in 5 countries (Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Romania, and Spain), and you will learn more about the use of the upcoming scanning tool. 

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